Hosanna Schumacher,
Digital Marketing Capabilities

Online marketing expertise across inbound marketing channels, including content marketing, search engine optimization and social media -- one-stop-shop - from strategy to content authoring and design.



Hubspot - Inbound

Strategic planning and implementation of inbound marketing to generate and nurture prospects and leads generated from onsite and offsite content

Express Writers - Expert SEO Copywriter

Generating high value content to capture and convert prospects into customers through the buyer's journey

Google for Business - Advanced Analytics

Uncovering insights in channels, content, funnels, and conversions to flex marketing value in achieving business goals

Website management & design

Experience managing multimillion dollar generating websites including strategy and analytics of buyers journey, search engine optimization and conversion generating content creation
"Hosanna is a visionary, advocating new elegant technical solutions to improve the accuracy and consistency of data on the company website. I highly trusted and depended upon her abilities; her attention to detail and diligence in meeting delivery milestones was amazing." Jay Adams, Product Manager/Infinite Electronics
Screen Capture of Hamburger Menu and Banner Image with CTA for Larchwood Farms .com
Capabilities: Website Development with a Template in Shopify, Brand Messaging & Copy Writing, Search Engine Analysis & Optimization Product Photography, Email Promotion

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Capabilities: Wireframe Planning & Design and Implementation for Personal Web Design Firm – this website
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Content Marketing Strategy & Authorship

Market research, technical writing & copywriting

  • Pillar development based upon competitive expertise of business, including ebooks, white papers and application notes
  • Brand messaging, capabilities and product detail
  • Social media posts, advertising and client engagement

Product documentation

  • Research ( competitive and internal), writing, photography and design

Website Development

Discovery, Strategy, Structure, Design & Development

  • Discovery & Strategy
    • Market research, competetive analysis & business strategy facilitation
  • Structure
    • Site hierarchy optimization for usability and search engine optimization
  • Design
    • Wireframe & Graphic Design
  • Development
    • HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Javascript and implementation of eCommerce in Wordpress/WooCommerce and Shopify

Graphic Design and Photography

Visual brand and graphic development of advertisements product documentation and social media posts

Social Media

  • Strategy analysis and planning by business type and goals
  • Content calendar development for all channels
  • Advertising and post optimization by channel and segment

Hubspot - Inbound

Strategic planning and implementation of inbound marketing to generate and nurture prospects and leads generated from onsite and offsite content

Product Marketing

Competitive Market & Roadmap

Research, Analysis, Planning & Implementation

Multichannel Marketing

  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Content Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Adwords & Remarketing
  • Traditonal Advertising
  • Contract Negotiation and Management
  • Content Distribution and Tracking
    • CRM Implementation such as Salesforce
    • Email Management such as MailChimp
    • 3rd Party Database such as Globalspec

Product Documentation

  • Technical writing and editing
  • Graphic Illustration & Photography
  • Documentation and marketing layout design